Hydraulic Flushing & Pressure Testing, Filtration

Flushing & Pressure testing

Veloces have several custom-built hydraulic flushing rigs available for hire on a daily or weekly basis. Their compact size and portability, using integral wheels, allow easy positioning on site. The units are also capable of being positioned by fork-lift, hooks for crane lifting and have the following capabilities:

  • Flow rates ranging from 150 litres per minute to 900 litres per minute
  • Pressure testing up to 700 bar
  • Cleans down to NAS 4 using built in filtration with replaceable filter elements (20µ, 10µ, 5µ & 3µ)
  • Pulsation flushing using built in accumulator (Optionally if required)


Veloces offers filtration solution for the removal of solid, liquid and gaseous contamination and water from hydraulic, lubricating, flame-resistant and biodegradable operating fluids.

Veloces’s Filtration service quality guarantees reliable performance and increases the service life of components, systems and machinery.

Oil sampling / Analysis

In today's modern, high performance systems, control of contamination is critical. But without analyzing the condition of the oil in the system, there's no way of telling just how 'clean' or 'dirty' the oil is. Therefore, oil analysis should be performed on a regular basis to monitor contamination levels.

Oil sampling and analysis can also give early warning indications of impending component failure.

Veloces has the analyzer which can be used for sampling of the oil to check the contamination level. The results can be obtained in both ISO / NAS standards, depending on client’s requirement. Results can be printed with name, time, date, details of the equipment, etc.,

If you'd like to talk to us about Hydraulic flushing or filtration or sampling and analysis or the combination of all, please call us or alternatively send us an email and we'll get right back to you.