Hydro-blasting and Chemical Cleaning


Hydro blasting or water blasting is cleaning method that utilizes a highly pressure stream of water in order to remove old paint, chemical or built-up without damaging the original surface.

Hydro blasting is ideal for cleaning internal and external surfaces because it allows the water stream to penetration into otherwise it is difficult or inaccessible to reach all locations in any other methods.

Veloces utilizes the cutting-edge hydro blasting methods

  • Low pressure water washing 0 – 68 bar
  • High pressure water washing 68 – 680 bar
  • Low pressure blasting, operating pressure between – 680 – 1000 bar
  • High pressure blasting, operating pressure between 680 – 1700 bar
  • Ultra high pressure blasting, operating pressure above 1700 – 2500 bar

Obtaining Veloces blasting services, you are ensured

  • Optimum and continuous updated equipment
  • Skilled and Trained operators for expert hydro blasting and machinery handling
  • Latest techniques adhered in blasting
  • Adherence to standard of the customers

Chemical Cleaning

The objective for carrying out acid cleaning of Hydraulic Pipelines is to remove mild scale, oil, paint, preservatives, rust, welding slag that would have entered during assembly of new tubes and also to remove the oxides of iron. After carrying out the process, the internal surface of the system is passivated by means of protective layer to prevent further rusting and corrosion.

The process is carried in various phases

  • Alkaline Degreasing
  • Acid pickling
  • Passivation
  • High velocity hot oil flushing

Veloces’s services guarantees

  • Entire oil system is cleaned and flushed.
  • Oil system and oil becomes super clean.
  • Reduced wear of lubricated parts.
  • No extra flushing oil required.
  • Oil system will retain natural protective oxides layer on the inner walls of the pipeline system.
  • Significant reduction of filter cartridges consumption.
  • Reduced operation costs.